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Friday, March 23, 2012

Popcorn Hour A-300 has arrived

I just received a Popcorn Hour A-300 streamer to try in the home theater. From Hong Kong to Pennsylvania in 3.5 days. DHL was moving! The primary use will be to stream Bluray .ISO files via HDMI with full HD sound pass thru. I will also use it for streaming multichannel FLAC files from a server. This little box is all metal and appears well built. One thing I did discover that is a little discouraging is that at idle the A-300 consumes about 8 watts. Powered off or standby, it also consumes 8 watts! It is astounding that in this day and age some engineers think kilowatt hours grow on trees. I still have lots of testing and setup before I put the A-300 in the theater but for the most part I like what I see.

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  1. Well don't I feel like a dope! Pressing the power button only makes the video circuits go to sleep. I needed to hold the power button in until the LED goes solid red. Then the unit draws 0.3-0.4 watts. Much better. The jury is still out on how I like this box, as I haven't had much time to configure & test it let alone deploy it in the theater.