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Monday, January 28, 2013

Acoupower Subwoofer Drivers

I compiled some videos about the subwoofer drivers in my audio system. It is an introduction and comprehensive look at the metal and soft parts which make up an Acoupower driver. You may have seen the introduction posted here before, but this includes videos of the inside of the drivers. A full 20 minutes worth. I'll soon publish a post showing the buildup of my cabinets and other data.

A quick summary of specs on these amazing 18" drivers :

- 6" copper 2 layer voice coil in an underhung configuration.
- Largest neodymium magnet used in any loudspeaker
- 97% of magnetic field lines in the gap
- Entrainment techniques used to eject hot air from the motor
- 5 sqft. of heatsink surrounding the motor
- 18mm of one way throw and still at 100% linearity on the BL curve.
- 39mm of one way peak throw
- 1% odd order distortion with 1KW input power