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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Speaker Upgrade Project Begins

This will be the first post about my new speaker project. I saved up enough money to purchase pretty much any high performance speaker system I wanted, however after much research and debate I decided to build my own. I could not turn down the opportunity to learn new things and use my skills to fabricate something with my own two hands. I'm going to divide the project into 4 distinct phases.

Phase I - The Left, Center, Right top cabinets. Top I define as the tweeter and midrange cabinet. These cabinets will be of high sensitivity and cover roughly 80hz to 20Khz without use of a Helmholtz resonator.

Phase II - The midbass system. This system will relieve the tops from somehwhere around 120-200Hz on down to about 40Hz. Final crossovers will be determined during implementation.

Phase III - Surrounds. Timber matched as close as possible to the tops, using the same tweeter. I place lowest priority on the surrounds and may actually complete the subsystem before surrounds?

Phase IV - Subwoofer system. As potent as the dual Acoupower 18" system is, at this point it will be the weak link and will be upgraded with a system capable of more air displacement for the lowest octaves.

My primary focus on this upgrade will be on the left and right channels. The midbass system will ONLY apply to the left and right. The center "top" will be identical to the left and right and extend to 80Hz only, which will satisfy movie playback to the THX standard. Center channel information below 80Hz will be routed to the left and right channels. The system will be modular in nature and a a versatile as I can make it. As Steve Guttenburg recently stated, something like 99% of all the recordings out there are 2 channel. I want to do that REALLY well and the rest is a bonus. I hope you follow my journey!

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